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El Transcantábrico


2018 pricing & schedules

El Transcantábrico

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2018 pricing & schedules

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El Transcantabrico

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Saranjan Tours follows the Cancellation Policy of El Transcantabrico FEVE with the following exceptions: 
• A handling fee of $250 US will apply to all cancellations.
• All refunds are subject to currency fluctuation adjustments.
• A $250 US change fee will be charged. No other cancellation fees will apply if traveler 
  gives at least 30 days notice and goes on to make the journey. If the trip is cancelled 
  once the departure date has been changed,ull cancellation fees (100%) will be charged. 

- 21 days or more:  $250 US handling fee plus 15% of price is non-refundable 
- 20-11 days:  $250 US handling fee plus 25% of price is non-refundable 
- 10-05 days:  $250 US handling fee plus 50% of price is non-refundable 
- 04-01 days:  $250 US handling fee plus 80% of price is non-refundable 
- Less than 24 hours:  100% non-refundable 

Cancelled pre- and/or post-train services are subject to Saranjan Tours normal cancellation policy: 90 days or
more: $250 handling fee plus the non-refundable portion of any cancelled reservation/ service; 89-60 days:
20% is non-refundable; 59-30 days: 50% is non-refundable; 29 days or less: 100% is non-refundable.

Saranjan, Inc. acts only as an agent in land transportation, accommodation, sightseeing, transfers, and meals,
and assumes no liability for injury, delay, inconvenience, irregularity, loss or damage to person or property, or
additional  costs resulting directly or indirectly from  any of the  following causes:  acts of God,  fire,  acts of
government  or other authorities,  wars,  acts of terrorism,  civil  disturbances,  strikes,  riots,  thefts,  defaults,
delays, cancellations, or changes in transport or hotel service, over which it has no control. We strive to deliver
the tour described. If unforeseen conditions arise beyond our control, we reserve the right to vary the itinerary
and substitute best available accommodation. No refunds will be made for unused services. The right is also
reserved  to  cancel  the  tour prior to  departure,  in  which  case  liability is limited  to  a  refund  of all  monies
received. We recommend and offer trip cancellation insurance.

I acknowledge that Saranjan Tours has ofered travel insurance coverage and that I have read and understand the Trip
Cancellation and Refund Policy and the Liability Statement and accept them on behalf of myself and my party/client.

SIGNATURE _________________________________________________________

DATE ______________________________________________________________



Invoice Number: _______________________________
Enclosed is my check made payable to Saranjan Tours.
Please charge my credit card (check one): VISA MASTERCARD

I authorize a payment of  $ _______________________


Card number ____ ____ ____ ____–____ ____ ___ ____–____ ____ ____ ____–____ ____ ____ ____




CARDHOLDER’S NAME AS IT APPEARS ON CREDIT CARD ________________________________________________________


CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS ______________________________________________________________________________

EXPIRATION DATE ___________________________


VERIFICATION CODE _________________________


TODAY’S DATE ______________________________

Please do not e-mail your credit card details to us; e-mail is not secure. We recommend that you either fax or
mail the completed form. Please attach a copy of the first page of the traveler’s passport. Thank you.



NAME ____________________________________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________

TELE ______________________________________________________________


SARANJAN TOURS • PO Box 22615 • Seattle WA 98122-0615 • T: 800 858 9594 • F: 206 720 0492

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